Irony. Sheer unadulterated tragic hilarious i.r.o.n.y.

The first time I saw the video, I couldn’t stop laughing. My reaction had little to do with ISIS or terrorism. No, it was Dakota Johnson. For weeks I’ve been musing over the fact that there has to be something really wrong with women/men/sex/relationships/marriage/the world. On the one hand, we’ve got millions of women reading 5o Shades of Grey and on the other we have women and young girls running off to become ISIS brides.

Some might say that they reflect opposing values. After all, 50 Shades is for independent minded women and ISIS is for women who want to be oppressed. But wait. Both promote violent abuse of women.

So, to have Dakota Johnson (who plays Anastasia Steele – the whipped and bound heroine of the 50 Shades movie) portraying a dim high school girl with romantic notions of running off to join ISIS is just perfect, perfect irony. Tragic, too. Whether running into the waiting arms of Christian Gray or an ISIS terrorist, the character is sadly the same, hence the same actress.

Watch the sketch for yourself –

I haven’t written on the 50 Shades movie since I think the whole brand equals garbage and I commented on the book a couple of years ago.