In 2010, Washington, DC redefined marriage so that same-sex couples could marry.

Part of the argument in favor of redefining marriage has been that same-sex couples in committed relationships should be allowed to marry because they are in a long-term relationship…that sort of looks like marriage.

Now DC is considering legislation (at the Council level) that would make it easier for same-sex couples married in DC to divorce. This would also apply to any same-sex couple that married in DC and now live in a state where they can’t divorce because same-sex marriage is not recognized in the state.

On the one hand, I understand that divorce laws are an unfortunate necessity. But when such an issue was made concerning the level of commitment that same-sex couples were supposed to be living, it does give one something to ponder. We were told that such couples were already living the type of commitment that married people should be living.

I know that marriage for heterosexuals isn’t in the greatest shape and that divorce is all too common a result for many couples.

But isn’t it slightly off that after all the championing of same-sex marriage, we suddenly (less than two years since DC Council approved same-sex marriage) need to pass divorce laws?

Before we start redefining marriage, we ought to do what we can to strengthen it. If creating more marriage-like relationships just leads to more divorce, I’m not sure what the upside is for expanding marriage beyond its traditional definition.