Justina McCaffrey has another thoughtful piece up at Huffington Post. This time, she’s talking about what’s missing from some weddings: the raw passion that makes two people commit to give themselves to each other completely.

Weddings become productions that are based on entertainment, not centered on witnessing an incredible commitment – one that will probably be difficult to maintain at time – between two people who are also saying that they’re willing to die to themselves in order to create this exclusive union with the other.

I recall before my husband and I were engaged, we noticed that most couples stopped dating when they got engaged. As soon as the ring was on her finger, they were wedding planning. All the personal work of dating was far behind them which is too bad since planning a wedding doesn’t necessarily prepare you for marriage.

As Justina writes,

Given the reality of marriage, a wedding should give people the opportunity to congratulate the couple on the decision to deny selfishness and a pilgrimage pointing toward spiritual maturity. This type of acclaim should be reflected within a wedding.