Started the day with the Catholic Professionals of Seattle Mass, breakfast, and talk. George Weigel spoke about his new book, The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II — The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy, a follow up to his first JP2 book, Witness to Hope.

He told a great story. At a meeting in Rome with the priest heading the beatification process for JP2, the priest showed him a room full of letters, all addressed to…..

Pope John Paul II


While the various postal systems that we all use don’t seem to be all that reliable, thousands of letters make it to this office at the vicariate of Rome. Apparently, the letters come from all over the world and from people of all different backgrounds including non-Catholics.

I just ordered my copy of his new book. Apparently, the first part reads like a spy novel – except this is real life. Order yours here.