The Irish Times has an extensive article today raising doubts about the accounts of 800 infant bodies found in a septic tank of the former Tuam home for unwed mothers and children.

Important information, like:

‘I never used that word ‘dumped’,” Catherine Corless, a local historian in Co Galway, tells The Irish Times. “I never said to anyone that 800 bodies were dumped in a septic tank. That did not come from me at any point. They are not my words.”

And from one of the people, then a boy, who found some sort of grave forty years ago:

“There were skeletons thrown in there. They were all this way and that way. They weren’t wrapped in anything, and there were no coffins,” he says. “But there was no way there were 800 skeletons down that hole. Nothing like that number. I don’t know where the papers got that.” How many skeletons does he believe there were? “About 20.”

So just how did news outlets like WAPost come up with a “news” piece which so far has no corroboration of any facts, aside perhaps from the fact that the home existed?

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