I continue in my belief that Benedict’s decision to resign is a momentous time of reform and readying the Church for the modern age. Last week, B16 addressed the Roman clergy and gave informal remarks reflecting on Vatican II. They were in many ways a reiteration of his 2005 Address to the Roman Curia…which most of us didn’t notice.

The fact that he chose now to hit the same theme suggests that it’s important and tied to the legacy of his papacy. I’ve got an article on it here at National Catholic Register, which includes links to both addresses. At the very least, skim my piece. If you can, read both of his addresses. I see the potential for some great doctoral work here.

Key points:

  1. The content of the faith is unchanging; the ways in which we communicate it might change due to circumstances. But it’s the same teaching.
  2. Vatican II got hijacked by the media. B16 says that there were two councils: The real on and the virtual one that was held by the media. The real one is prevailing. This has been his and JP2’s life work.
  3. Life before V2 was not idyllic. The Church was facing a real crisis: “it seemed like a reality of the past and not the bearer of the future.”
  4. The liturgy needed to be reformed.

Exciting times ahead, particularly as the cardinals prepare for the Conclave.