Not everyone in this country sees eye to eye on the topic of abortion. Got it. But this new ad from Center for Reproductive Rights in support of Roe is simply creepy.

Did Mehcad Brooks start his acting career doing ads for sleazy dating websites/pay-per-call numbers? How I’d wish they’d edited out a few of those mmmm-mmmm-mmms at the end. They just don’t stop.

Brooks says that a few hundred thousand “of us have chipped in to get you something special.” It’s not clear by the end of the ad what it is. I don’t think I want to know…

This is part of a new campaign called “Draw The Line.” Though, I’m not sure what lines they’re drawing. In his ad, Brooks claims to not want limits put on him. So much for healthy boundaries. In another (very confusing) ad, the message starts out being about abortion and somehow they bring in a the sad story of a woman in Kenya who was kept at the hospital after the birth of her baby because she could not pay the bill. I don’t understand that part of her story, but they keep showing footage of her other small children, as well as other mothers with their babies. They all look pretty poor. She doesn’t claim to want abortion or to celebrate it.

The Center for Reproductive Rights exists to promote abortion. Please, someone, draw a line and make it clear what this campaign is all about. The footage made me wonder if they weren’t trying to suggest that these poor women simply shouldn’t be having so many/any children. And of course, it’s full of some very, very talented celebrities looking very, very serious about this very, very important cause…whatever it is.

There’s really not much to say. But if you want to know what the abortion movement is about and you think it’s has something to do with sleaze, by all means circulate the Brooks ad!