Time has an article about Muslims and Jews in France and Italy who attended Mass this past weekend to show interfaith solidarity with Catholics/Christians.

I find this to be a beautiful gesture of solidarity. Unfortunately, I heard that some (one?) churches are allowing parts of the Koran to be read from the pulpit. That only confuses things. But attendance in solidarity is fantastic.

Worth noting this paragraph referring to Italy –

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told the Senate this week that authorities were scrutinizing mosque financing and working with the Islamic community to ensure that imams study in Italy, preach in Italian and are aware of Italy’s legal structuring.

Obviously, the same could not happen in the U.S. since we hold to freedom of religion. But a friend made a suggestion which is worth considering, I think. What if those entering the US were required to sign a statement saying that they will uphold the US Constitution, abide by all laws, and not support efforts to hold Shariah law above our laws? Sure, people could (and would) lie; but there’d be little to contest their criminality and penalization if the facts were proven.