If you want to save Catholic healthcare, act now. Today!

The Obama administration recently announced that the conscience protection regulations passed by the previous administration could be rescinded. Regardless of your opinion of the previous administration, this demands your attention now. In effect, if  conscience protection is rescinded, it means that health care workers (doctors and nurses) could be forced to provide services that violate their conscience. In other words, they could be forced to provide abortion, contraception, sterilizations, and to assist in euthanasia.

For more information, visit the USCCB website here.

Everyone has an obligation to weigh in. Remember, if you don’t speak, you allow others to speak for you. If this regulation passes, Catholic healthcare providers could be forced to shut down if they are forced to provide services that not only violate conscience but destroy human lives.

To submit your opinion to the Department of Health & Human Services (the agency responsible for this regulation), go here.

The deadline is today!