It seems to be the trendy thing to do. One the one hand, we have a Catholic leader who denies that Nazi Germany killed six million Jews. At the same time, there’s a group of Catholics that denies that almost 50 million pre-born children have been killed in the US alone.

George Neumayr has this excellent piece in which he draws out the comparison. It is a tragedy that anyone would deny the historical fact that six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany. (Unfortunately, many more were killed in Communist Russia.) But as Neumayr points out, it’s even worse to deny what is actually happening now and to support it at the same time, which is exactly what Speaker Pelosi and her cadre do now when it comes to the abortion holocaust.

Neumayr notes the irony of holocaust denier Speaker Pelosi seeking an audience with the Pope. While she got her audience, I’m glad that it was used apparently as a teaching moment.

Regarding the Speaker’s spin/official statement, Neumayr writes:

Global warming? The last time I recall Benedict broaching the subject of global warming he pointedly observed that environmentalists need a “human ecology” with which to stop killing unborn babies.